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Access to the MVCA website is granted through one of the following two types of subscriptions:

MVCA Member

An MVCA member is either:

  1. An annual leaseholder, including spouses/partners, of lots/parcels within Monte Vista Village upon which a factory-built building, manufactured home, mobile home, park model, or recreational vehicle exists,


  2. Returning sub-leaseholders, including spouses/partners, who sub-leased at least three consecutive months during the previous season, and who are current sub-leaseholders, or intend to be, for at least three months of the current season;

Those who are multiple parcel/lot lessees may have a maximum of two memberships, upon paying two membership fees;


The owner or manager of the Village; and other real estate corporations, partnerships, holding companies or entities which lease lots/parcels from the Village owner/management for the purpose subleasing lots/parcels as a for-profit business do not qualify for MVCA membership.

MVCA membership is based on a calendar year.  Your membership will expire at the end of the year in which you sign up.  To accommodate those applicants who arrive late in the fall, there is a 60 day grace period in which you can sign up for the following year and immediately receive membership privileges.  If you sign up after November 1, you membership will not expire until the end of the following year.

MVCA membership includes a subscription to the MVCA website for a primary and secondary subscriber and is paid for through annual membership dues of $15.00.

To join our association, click below and select "MVCA Member"

                                                                                     Click here to Sign Up

Non-member Subscriber

A Non-member Subscriber is a person, including spouses/partners, who do not qualify to be a MVCA Member but would like to access the MVCA website to better participate in the Monte Vista community.

A Non-member Subscriber must be a short-term visitor, sub-lease holder or past resident of a specific identified site in Monte Vista Village or Monte Vista RV Resort.

Non-member Subscribers will be charged a subscription fee of $10.00 for three months access to the MVCA website.

To have this special access to this website as a non-member of the association, click below and select "Non-member Subscriber" 

                                                                                                      Click here to Sign Up