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As a large group, the Villagers can have a voice in conversations with management to keep the quality of lifestyle in the forefront and to improve areas in need.  The larger the numbers in a group, the stronger and louder all voices become.  Everyone’s voice, vote, and interests are needed to strengthen numbers and convey to management that this a community united in the goal of maintaining and improving Monte Vista. 

The Board works diligently to keep the lines of communication open in advocating on every villagers’ behalf.  Each year the Board has meetings with ELS to stay on top of construction, and discuss improvements in the original section of Monte Vista.

Support through belonging to MVCA will assist in preserving community spirit and protecting the value of residents.

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The lifestyle that makes the village a place where we come to have fun is based on participation and volunteering.  Our age qualified community offers many opportunities to be active through participation in sports and crafts.  Along with these opportunities provided by the village amenities, MVCA oversees a number of programs to add to the experience.  They include food services which prepares and serves meals for the villagers in a communal environment.  Bingo provides entertainment to villagers and visitors and provides a source for raising funds to support activities in the village.  Ambassadors welcome newcomers and give them a head start to getting them involved in the village lifestyle.  Block Captains work to help neighbors to meet each other and make new friends.  These and many other programs are supported by MVCA.

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MVCA believes that communications play a very important role in maintaining our lifestyle here at Monte Vista.  This website provides a tool for villagers to keep track of what is happening at Monte Vista.  Forums provide a method of sharing information.  Directories provide access to other members in the village.  Activity groups help people with common interests plan their activities.  A classified ad feature allows villagers to advertise their home for sale or rent.  A current activity calendar maintained on the website to help villagers plan their days and weeks.  Photo albums document life at the village.  Village meal tickets can be purchased through this website.  Documents of importance to members are made accessible. 

This website is only available to MVCA members and non-member subscribers who do not qualify to become an MVCA member due to the short duration of their stay here at Monte Vista or are past residents.

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